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Wahl and Ammann Again #2

Here’s a pretty little graph that I think that you’re going to see more of. One is using the Wahl-Ammann variation of MBH methodology applied to MBH data; the others are from low-order red noise. Pink – no PC reconstruction from WA without strip-bark and Gaspé; black – from low-order red noise. I worked this […]

Wahl and Ammann Again #1

I asked KNMI what were the studies that had “refuted” our work. It seems to be Wahl and Ammann. I’ve never understood the traction of Wahl and Ammann with climate scientists. I doubt that any of them have worked through the details, but Wahl and Ammann issued a press release that all our claims were […]

Wahl and Ammann – July 2005 Review

I’m posting up our July 2005 review of Wahl and Ammann. The recently accepted version is here. I’m posting this up for a variety of reasons. Mann relied heavily on Wahl and Ammann in his NAS panel testimony (which wasn’t even online as accepted last week) and so it’s hard to finish off the discussion […]

Peer Reviewing Wahl and Ammann #1 – The Correspondence

Mann cited Wahl and Ammann’s recently released paper at NAS (which was not available to us in time for the NAS panel, although I’d seen and reviewed an earlier draft.) After reading it, Per said that he thought that the reviewers had done a lousy job. Now I was only a reviewer for the first […]

Building Coalitions

Let no one say that we at climateaudit do not contribution to coalition building. In the bibliography to Wahl and Ammann [Clim Chg 2006], we see the following citation: Wahl, E., Ritson, D. and Ammann, C. accepted, Reconstruction of century-scale temperature variations, Science If you can’t get accepted at GRL, you can always try Science.

Wahl and Ammann: Some Verification Statistics

I’m now completely file compatible with Wahl and Ammann. In terms of my algorithm, I had to tweak the procedure for scaling RPCs a little, but the RPCs themselves were identical. It took some patience to reconcile differing data setups. I archived results from a complete run-through from their base case a couple of days […]

Wahl and Amman: More

I’ve done a complete run using the WA basecase using the Windows-modified script that I archived a couple of days ago. From the output of this run, I extracted the results of the AD1400 step and made a stepwise splice, which I’ve saved here together with the MBH98 stepwise reconstruction. This may be of interest […]