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Willis on Santer et al 2006

The new Santer et al. paper, Forced and unforced ocean temperature changes in Atlantic and Pacific tropical cyclogenesis regions, purports to show that sea surface temperature (SST) changes in the Pacific Cyclogenesis Region (PCR) and the Atlantic Cyclogenesis Region are caused by anthopogenic global warming (AGW). They claim to do this by showing that models […]

The Hansen Splice

Mg/Ca proxies measure the temperature of calcification of G. ruber, which is not necessarily the same as surface temperature. Dahl et al state G. ruber is present year–round at Site 723B, but experiences blooms during both monsoon seasons and calcifies above 80 m water depth (14–16)…. In accordance with the seasonality of G. ruber in […]

Climate Models – the Next Generation

Weaver says the next generation of his climate model will address the influence of climate on human evolution. I guess we can expect headlines saying that scientists University of Victoria have shown that global warming, if left unchecked, will lead to the development of a third eye by the year 2075.

Warmest in a Millll-yun #2

I’ve had a chance to examine Hansen’s argument a little more closely. Structurally it’s a typical splicing argument that we’re familiar with – proxies up to a certain point and then instrumental temperature. In the case of MBH, they use proxies up to 1980 and then compare that to instrumental records. We’re all familiar with […]

Warmest in a Millll-yun Years

We’re going to be hearing more about this – see press release here for example. I’ll add to this headnotes, but, for now, I’ll post up some URLs that some of you may find handy. The underlying article by Hansen et al is at PNAS here. They thank Ralph Cicerone for his review comments. The […]

U.S. CCSP REcommends Audit Trails

The U.S. CCSP report on temperature trends includes the following remarkable recommendations on audit trails: The independent development of data sets and analyses by several independent scientists or teams will serve to quantify structural uncertainty and to provide objective corroboration of the results. In order to encourage further independent scrutiny, data sets and their full […]

New Satellite Data

Get ready for a new round of satellite disputes. Spencer and Christy have version 6.0 out in draft form as of Sept 9, 2006. Here’s a plot of the data from the website . The SH result is particularly intriguing – now showing virtually no change. In the recent U.S. CCSP report, as pointed out […]

Trip Report – Holland

A late report on my visit to Holland. I don’t think that I’ve talked as much in a month as I did in 36 hours in Holland. I had two main presentations -one at KNMI in the morning; one at the Free University in the afternoon. I also had two long newspaper interviews and a […]

IDAG 2004

Here’s a survey article by the International Detection and Attribution Group url. I’ll post a few threads like this, but don’t plan to comment myself. If someone wants to contribute a brief summary, it would be appreciated.

Stern Review – Technical Appendix

AS both David H’s observe, the Stern Review is expected next month. Their science views are summarized here. I may post some headnotes at a later time, but it’s an interesting browse and some of you may wish to comment on it specifically.