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Zotero is a Firefox add-on that, within the browser, can capture academic citations from Google Scholar, many library catalogues and multiple other sources. It permits you to insert links to the pdfs (both external and on your own directory) and go to them within the browser, to add your own cross-reference tags and notes. I […]

GISS Model E Data

Steve Mosher provides the following recipe for getting GISS Model E results: Ok getting ModelE data Start here See the link for climate simulations of 1880-2003. click that Here you will see the link to the paper and all the readme I know of now to get the data look at table 1. […]

Toeplitz Matrices and the Stahle Tree Ring Network

One of the most ridiculous aspects and most misleading aspects of MBH (and efforts to rehabilitate it) is the assumption that principal components applied to geographically heterogeneous networks necessarily yield time series of climatic interest. Preisendorfer (and others) state explicitly that principal components should be used as an exploratory method – and disavowed any notion […]

Some Prompt Data Responses

A couple of prompt and favorable responses to inquiries for data from Parker 2006 and Nyberg et al 2007 (a recent article on hurricanes) Parker 2006 I wrote Parker today inquiring about the sites used in Parker 2006 and for data for unarchived sites. He replied promptly as follows: Here are the station lists. The […]

Wilson Spaghetti Graph

I’ve plotted up a version of the series in the Wilson spaghetti graph, together with URLs and a script from which original data for most of the series in the Wilson spaghetti graph can be downloaded together with read scripts. Wilson used a couple of grey versions (Hegerl, Juckes) although there are online versions of […]

More Evasion by Thompson

I’ve been trying since 2003 to get detailed sample information from Lonnie Thompson on his tropical ice cores, some drilled 20 years ago. I reported on my most recent effort on Apr 19, 2007 under PNAS policies here. Thompson has once more obfuscated a journal by falsely telling them that everything already is archived (without […]

Another R-Script for a Zip File (NOAA)

I’m posting up another script for unzipping a file in R (in part so that I can keep track of this things as well.) I’m trying to figure out how to download the Australian data in R and reviewing some prior successful efforts (which have relied on Nicholas). Here is how one can get at […]


There is an enormous online archive of SST measurements, which would be well worth someone looking at, to get a feel for what the raw data looks like.

Some Gridcell and Station Utilities

I’ve posted up a collection of functions to read from various gridcell and station archives into organized time series objects here. Read functions are included for HadCRUT3, HAdCRUT2, GISS gridded, GHCN v2, GISS station, GSN,, unaami and G02141. I’ll probably add to this from time to time now that I’ve figured out an organization […]

Reading Data

There is an interesting collection of data from 223 Russian stations here mentioned by both Jerry Brennan and myself. These 223 stations are precisely the same as the 223 stations in CDIAC’s NDP048, conveniently listed here . CDIAC NDP-048 includes an extensive discussion of station history. The versions at typically go to 1995, while […]