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Wahl and Ammann Again #1

I asked KNMI what were the studies that had “refuted” our work. It seems to be Wahl and Ammann. I’ve never understood the traction of Wahl and Ammann with climate scientists. I doubt that any of them have worked through the details, but Wahl and Ammann issued a press release that all our claims were […]

Von Storch et al [2006]

I’m working on a long note, but probably a short interim note will make some sense. From the point of view of simply advancing our particular take on the MBH98 mess, as between Wahl et al and von Storch et al, there are pros and cons to us for either side being right. So I’d […]

Letter to Climatic Change

I was asked to review the Wahl and Amman submission in May 2005 and recently posted up my review here. The first recommendation in my review was that all Wahl and Ammann remove all arguments that depended on their rejected GRL article. They didn’t and now it’s come back and should haunt them. Despite providing […]

"But They are Very, Very Wrong"

A parody posted up by Spence_UK.

The RE Benchmark in A&W

There’s an interesting irony in the GRL rejection of the Ammann & Wahl Comment and it will be interesting to see how this gets handled. It turns out that the A&W Climatic Change depends on their GRL submission for their test of statistical significance for the RE statistic. So even though the GRL referee thought […]

Ammann and Wahl Little Whopper Rejected

GRL has rejected the Ammann and Wahl Little Whopper (shortly after Climatic Change accepted the Big Whopper). We previously posted up our Reply to the Little Whopper here. You can see previous discussion of this by the category "Wahl and Ammann". Since the Comment is not being published, neither is the Reply. I wonder whether […]

IPCC 4AR and Ammann

Luboà…⟠Motl pointed out that IPCC "needs" Ammann and Wahl in a peer reviewed journal. Let’s re-visit some curious timing issues, which Ian Castles brought up before and which need to be re-examined with the re-submission. The IPCC WG1 timetable (thanks to Ian for this) says the following: Third Lead Author meeting, December 13 to 15, […]

Wahl and Ammann – July 2005 Review

I’m posting up our July 2005 review of Wahl and Ammann. The recently accepted version is here. I’m posting this up for a variety of reasons. Mann relied heavily on Wahl and Ammann in his NAS panel testimony (which wasn’t even online as accepted last week) and so it’s hard to finish off the discussion […]

Peer Reviewing Wahl and Ammann #1 – The Correspondence

Mann cited Wahl and Ammann’s recently released paper at NAS (which was not available to us in time for the NAS panel, although I’d seen and reviewed an earlier draft.) After reading it, Per said that he thought that the reviewers had done a lousy job. Now I was only a reviewer for the first […]

David Stockwell on A&W

Another excellent post by David Stockwell here. Everyone having fun?