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Thompson: "Remarkably Similar"

Thompson et al said that "their [Thompson’s four Tibetan ice core] dO18 histories or proxy temperature records, are remarkably similar at lower frequencies". They are not just similar – they are "remarkably similar" with correlations as high as one milllll-ion.

New Thompson Article at PNAS

There’s a new Lonnie Thompson article online at PNAS (thanks to Steve Bloom for reference). It has some "supporting data" – "supporting data to Thompson means only digital versions of the graphics, rather than detailed archives such as Majewski provided for the Everest ice core. Just to annoy anyone who was actually interested in the […]

Some Ice Cores in NAS – Antarctic

Now that I’ve caught my breath a little, just for fun, I’m parsing through sections of the NAS report on areas not directly involving the MM-MBH battle. In the press conference, I recall Cuffey placing a lot of emphasis on the "regional" MWP, and that it wasn’t in the Antarctic ice core data (although it […]

NAS Ice Core – Dasuopu

If you look at Chapter 6 of NAS, you’ll see heavy reliance on Thompson’s tropical ice cores. There’s much to consider here and this is a very first look. Here’s an interesting statement: "A quantitative assessment of temperature change from north Tibetan cores [Dunde and Guliya], using typical [whatver that is in tropical ice cores] […]

Letter to Science re Osborn and Briffa Data

The continued negligence of the major journals in ensuring that paleoclimate authors archive data in accordance with journal policies is very frustrating and, as previously noted, has reared its ugly head once again with Osborn and Briffa. I have had little luck in the past with Science (except for the Kilimanjaro sample dO18 data) but […]

Yang et al. [2003] #2

I’ve been re-visiting the various multiproxy studies with respect to scale and variability. In addition, as you know, one of my interests in these multiproxy studies is the non-robustness of MWP-modern levels to a very few non-independent proxies, used in multiple studies – in particular: bristlecones, Polar Urals and Thompson’s Himalayan dO18 series – each […]

Age Models at Quelccaya and Kilimanjaro

The Quelccaya glacier is at a similar latitude to Kilimanjaro and is also receding. It’s a logical point of comparison. Core 1 is 163.6 m deep (Summit Core- 154.8 m) and is attributed a start date of 470 AD (Summit Core: 744 AD). Annual dust layers are a guide to dating in the upper portions. […]

Mount Kenya

Barker et al. [Science 2001] studied two glacier-fed tarns (micro-lakes) high on Mount Kenya -, Small Hall Tarn (SHT) at 4289 m and Simba Tarn (ST) at 4595 m.

More on Kilimanjaro

The last thing that I should be doing is working on new proxies without finishing off work in hand, but this new data is interesting and, with it in hand, Thompson et al [2002] is even more frustrating. There are some weird splices that you don’t notice at a first read, but start to stick […]

New Kilimanjaro Data

A climateaudit first:- here is the first sample-by-sample àŽⳏ18 for an entire Thompson drill core – in this case KNIF2 and KNIF3 from Kilimanjaro. I had hoped that the data would be properly archived, but it was sent to me by Science and is webbed up here pending a more official archive, which will presumably […]