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Gavin and the Big Red Dog

A few posts ago, I used the term “‘fingerprint’” (in quotations) in connection with the big red spot that one commonly sees in the upper tropical troposphere in contour plots of projected temperature trends by latitude. On an earlier occasion, we’d talked about Ross McKitrick’s “T3” ( here.)

Hansen and the “Destruction of Creation”

Hansen has followed up his “Lights Out Upstairs” outburst with another outburst dismissing critics as “court jesters” with whom he will have no truck. (Lights Out is now cited on the NASA website.) His new jeremiad re-iterated the position of NASA spokesman Gavin Schmidt that U.S. errors “didn’t matter” because the U.S. was only 2% […]

Gavin vs Kaufmann

I posted up on Kaufmann and Stern [2005] on GCMs a few days ago. Kaufmann subsequently posted up at realclimate here about this, with a detailed reply from Gavin. The exchange is interesting on a number of levels – there is an interesting statistical point raised. In addition, you will notice how quick Gavin is […]