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The Afterlife of IPCC 1990 Figure 7.1

At Lewandowsky’s blog here, conspiracy theorist John Mashey has challenged Deming’s “get rid of the MWP” recollection claiming that: Nobody in 1995 would have been worried about “getting rid of the MWP,” although they might have wanted to dispel the idea the Lamb schematic was Truth. They had years before abandoned the schematic… Anyone citing […]

More on the Iconography of IPCC 1990 Figure 7

As a mild break from Lewandowsky’s fake data and false results, I am going to revisit IPCC 1990 Figure 7, which I discussed in several Climate Audit posts from 2005-2008 – a topic that was raised at Lewandowsky’s blog by conspiracy theorist John Mashey, who, rather than confronting the problems of Lewandowsky’s use of fake […]

Where did IPCC 1990 Figure 7c Come From?

Here at Climate Audit, we occasionally try to solve mysteries that have vexed climate scientists for years. On a previous occasion, we helped UCAR locate the mysterious civilization of Chile, on another occasion the lost city of Wellington NZ and, most recently, helped NASA find the lost city of Cobija, Bolivia. Today we’ll help the […]

Swindle and the Stick

The first complaint by RMS (and others) against Swindle seems to be about their handling of the Hockey Stick. A new complaint from someone at the University of Bristol includes a spaghetti graph, including MBH, saying that it shows that the newer reconstructions use “superior methods”, “supersede” the earlier results and that the old IPCC […]

Lamb on the Northeast Atlantic

Mann and Jones have a new post at realclimate discussing warmth at Svalbard, an island archipelago north of Norway. May temperatures are very warm there. They say that the differences are 5 standard deviations based in i.i.d. We’ve talked about the inappropriateness of i.i.d. assumptions in the context of Rasmus (BTW what ever happened to […]

IPCC 1990 – An Extended Excerpt

I started off working on a commentary to the WSJ editorial. In doing so, I looked back at IPCC 1990, which is not necessarily handy for most readers, and found myself starting to quote from it so extensively that I’ve simply typed up an extended excerpt, which I’ll use as a source. I’ll make a […]

IPCC 1[1990] – Comment #1

I’ve re-read section 7 of IPCC 1 [1990], which contains the graph used in the WSJ editorial. I highly recommend that everyone interested in this topic take a look at IPCC 1. First of all, here is a scan of Figure 7.1 together with the original caption. Original Caption: Figure 7.1. Schematic diagrams of global […]

WSJ Editorial

The Wall Street Journal ran editorial today in which M&M were mentioned. They say: Mr. Mann has never offered a serious rebuttal to the McIntyre-McKitrick critique. He has refused to fully explain his methodology, claiming he’s the victim of "intimidation." That’s odd when you consider that the sine qua non of real science is independently […]

The Significance of the Hockey Stick

Recently, as the hockey stick looks more and more splintered, some climate scientists have argued that the hockey stick graph was merely incidental in Kyoto promotion.