Monthly Archives: April 2005

Slight problem with the weblog

There’s a problem with the weblog database, making posting beyond a certain length impossible. I’ve asked Steve to tell the webhost to put in more hamsters…. We hope to be back shortly with more good stuff. PS If someone could let me have a copy of "Hansen et al., Earth’s Energy Imbalance: Confirmation and Implications, […]

Mozilla Firefox

A curiosity that might interest others. The tracking software for this site logs browser type. To my surprise, there are somewhat more Mozilla Firefox hits to this site than Internet Explorer. I would never have guessed. We’ll have about 50,000 hits in April. The biggest traffic days were the two days around the slashdot article […]

Lost Cedars #2

I might as well illustrate real-time frustrations in dealing with the Hockey Team. I’ve written back on Jacoby’s stonewalling to Climatic Change (who have been trying and who at least got a refusal from Jacoby) as follows.

"We cannot make claims as to the 1990s being the warmest decade."

Guess who recently said: "We cannot make claims as to the 1990s being the warmest decade."

Jacoby’s “Lost” Gaspé Cedars

I’ve been trying for over a year to get a location for the Gaspé cedars. Jacoby, as a Hockey Team member, refuses to provide such mundane information. At one point, Ed Cook, another Hockey Team member, promised to provide the information, but failed to deliver. Now Jacoby has told Climatic Change that the cedar location […]

Water vapor: The missing link

For those who have been following the posts on water vapor and its relationship to climate change, here’s an article on water vapor, radiative modelling and the effects on the greenhouse effect:

Friends of Science: Climate Catastrophe Cancelled

A new video presentation from the University of Calgary on climate change has been published on the "Friends of Science" website at this link It’s an overview of the current controversies in climate science from a skeptical point of view in a simple presentation. I’m not aware that any television station has broadcast it, however. […]

Moberg+ Satellite

Here is an interesting splice of Moberg and satellite data. Blue is Moberg, grey is Moberg error bars, red is instrumental, all downloaded from the Nature SI; purple is satellite. At right is the post-1850 blow-up. You can see that the post-1980 satellite temperatures are high but not off the charts relative to Moberg’s reconstruction.

Federal Reserve Bank Working Paper on Replication

Richard G. Anderson, William H. Greene, Bruce D. McCullough and H. D. Vinod have some very interesting comments in a recent Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis Working Paper about the importance of archiving data and code, in which they cite our work approvingly. Here’s a nice cut phrase that they quote: An applied economics […]

The Dot.Com Hockey Stick

I find it difficult to believe that so many scientists have seemingly accepted the realclimate argument that Preisendorfer’s Rule N applied to a principal components calculation is somehow a substitute for proper statistical analysis. To show the goofiness of this argument, I asked a friend to compile a list of weekly closing prices for 20 […]