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Woodhouse's Temperature Proxies!!!

The 2000 conference of the IAI project on “Reconstructing Climate Variability and Change from Treelines” contained the following abstract describing a network of high-elevation “temperature-sensitive” tree ring chronologies as follows: 6. An expanded network of long treeline chronologies from the Western US Brown, P.M.; Woodhouse, C.A. & Hughes, M.K. We report on new, high elevation, […]

Climate Variability in the Americas from Treeline Environments

In 1999, the IAI launched a major initiative entitled Assessment of Present, Past and Future Climate Variability in the Americas from Treeline Environments . They state: “The overarching scientific goal of this project was to reconstruct climate variability over a major global transect from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.” While Mann has told us that […]

A Project for the Dendro Truth Squad

Dendroclimatologists have told us that they want to root out misinformation like anyone thinking that white spruce chronologies from northern Alberta archived at the ITRDB are temperature proxies. I’ve conveyed that message to CA readers and I’m happy to report that, as far as I know, CA readers agree that northern Alberta white spruce chronologies […]

Dendroclimatologists Answer Back

This thread is dedicated to dendroclimatologists who are seeking for a way to answer alleged “misinformation” at climateaudit without having to defend themselves against dozens of follow-up posts. Any posts on this thread from non-dendroclimatologists seeking to argue or contest these comments will be deleted, although posters, including myself, will be free to discuss these […]

The Dendroclimatologists are Angry

Over at the Dendro listserv, Rob Wilson raised the issue of what dendros should do about climateaudit, noting that he felt a responsibility to “defend dendro practises and correct misinformation.” He went on to say: Although some of the criticisms and commentary are valid, some of it is simply wrong and misinformed, and in my […]

IPCC and Data Access

One of the most important IPCC representations is the supposedly tremendous quality control of its review process. I’ve mentioned in passing on a number of occasions that, when I sought to obtain supporting data for then unpublished articles, IPCC threatened to expel me as a reviewer. I’ve had a few requests to recount my experience […]

Bürger Review

Here is what Reviewer #3 submitted in his review of the Bürger CPD submission (I’ve taken down the draft review.) He regrets agreeing to do the review (for reasons that will become clear). Even though Reviewer #3 has much goodwill towards Bürger, he is rather a stickler for detail and it seems rather unfair that […]

Bürger and "Skill"

CA readers have followed some of the interesting reviews at Climate of the Past, where some of the exchanges have been lively (although most papers don’t seem to attract much comment.) Two reviews are in on Bürger’s most recent submission and a 3rd reviewer has been invited to give an opinion. However, he’s slow about […]

Varimax Rotation and the AMM

While I was reading about rotated varimax PCA in connection with Rob Wilson’s article, I came across R.W. Houghton and Y.M. Tourre, 1992, Characteristics of Low-Frequency Sea Surface Temperature Fluctuations in the Tropical Atlantic, Journal of Climate Volume 5, Issue 7 (July 1992) pp. 765—772 url. They observed that a PC analysis applied to Atlantic […]

Wilson et al 2007

Rob Wilson has referred us to Wilson et al 2007. In addition to being an example of site selection, Wilson et al 2007 uses a type of principal components on a tree ring network – something that should be of interest to many CA readers – and an interesting illustration of non-Mannian statistical methods within […]