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The Accidental Tourist

Occasionally I will take a trip after much careful planning and preparation, only to find myself going off into uncharted territory soon after embarking on my adventure. That is what happened to me recently when I started to take a fresh look at worldwide station coverage. Where I ended up and what I found when […]

Rewriting History, Time and Time Again

Update: As noted in the comments below, GISS updated the GLB.Ts+dSST anomalies which show a large 0.67 degC value for March. This addition of March 2008 temperature data to the record caused a corresponding drop in annual average temperature for the years 1946 and 1903. According to GISS, 1946 is now colder than 1960 and […]

Is Station History Important?

Several recent posts and hundreds of associated comments have focused on the subject of temperature adjustments. TOBS, homogeneity, scribal records, rural versus urban … it is enough to make one’s head spin. I understand the desire to adjust data, but I often wonder if the problem is simply intractable and the adjustments we do have […]

Historical Station Distribution

In his comment to How much Estimation is too much Estimation?, Anthony Watts suggested I create a scatter plot showing station distribution with latitude/longitude. It turned out not to be the ordeal I thought it might be, so I have posted some of the results in this thread. I started with 1885 and created a […]

How much Estimation is too much Estimation?

Back in September when I was busy trying to figure out how Hansen combined station data, I was bothered by the fact that he used annual averages as the basis for combining scribal records (via the “bias method”) rather than monthly averages, which are readily available in the records that he uses. In my thinking, […]

Russian Bias

There has been much discussion on this site regarding the methodology employed by Dr. Hansen’s “Step 1”, also known as the “bias method” in HL87. Readers unfamiliar with the topic may want to read through the material here, here, and here to gain a better understanding of the method and issues raised with employing it. […]

The Bias Method's Perfect Siberian Storm

I have been spending some time (my wife would say “too much time”) examining how the Hansen Bias Method influences the temperature record. We have already observed that the Hansen method introduces an error in cases where the different versions are merely scribal variations. See and discussion. The cause of the error has also […]