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Some Links to Pielke Jr

Roger Pielke has a few threads recently dealing with the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearings – today there’s an op ed by von Storch and Zorita. A few days ago, he posted his own report and then posted up my response letter, both of which have attracted a few comments. I agree with both […]

Data Request to NAS

I’ve set up a new category at right entitled "Archiving" which cross-classifies many of the posts on data archiving and requests. A review from this time last year is here . Since then, I’ve had correspondence with Moberg and Nature, which has resulted in winkling out the other Moberg series (which I’ve yet to process); […]

Splicing in Rutherford et al 2005

Post Washington, I was browsing through the turgid prose of Rutherford et al 2005 – which actually uses the original MBH98 data set (PC series and all) for nearly half their analysis, they also consider the mystery Briffa et al 2001 sites, which they also do not reveal. The SI says – contact Tim Osborn, […]

Trip Report

Back from Washington. I think that I’ve had enough Washington for a while. It takes me a lot of time to prepare; I don’t begrudge it and it’s useful to try to put what you’re thinking about into short statements, but it still takes time and it’s tiring. It’s a nuisance that Mann couldn’t get […]

Whitfield subCommittee II: Mann under fire

Today’s hearing in Congress will be sound-only (for some reason), although it might be visually on CSPAN3 (check your listings) The speakers will be: Michael Mann Edward Wegman John Christy Ralph Cicerone Stephen McIntyre Jay Gulledge As soon as the link is available, I’ll post it up. Update: Link is here and video feed from […]

bender on Gaspé

New poster bender has written some very thoughtful posts, including some comments on Gaspé which I I’d like to recover from deep in a political thread. The growth pulse in Gaspé cedars seemed very improbable to me as a temperature proxy; bender has some detailed knowledge on the topic.

Survivor Season 8: the Hockey Team – the Mann Overboard Episode

Well, back from Washington. I’m not very good at describing reactions and impressions and touchy-feely stuff like that; I’m more comfortable describing what’s different with the 53rd and 84th series out of 112, but I’ll try.

Grapevine: Mann to testify on 27th July

This just in: Apparently Dr Michael Mann is to testify in front of the Whitfield Subcommittee (I think) on July 27th at 2pm EDT. I assume that our readers want to tune in to see what happens.

Whitfield SubCommittee: Edward Wegman Testimony

Wegman goes through his conclusions in the report. Highlights: “The decentering error preferentially produces Hockey Sticks” ” Decentering has a big effect on reconstruction” ” With proper centering, the Hockey Stick shape disappears” “Dr Mann has unusually large reach with the other 43 authors” “Peer review is not as independent as would normally be the […]

Whitfield SubCommittee: Witnesses to be questioned

Dr Edward WegmanDr Gerald NorthDr Thomas KarlDr Thomas CrowleyDr Hans von StorchMr Stephen McIntyre Rep Whitfield revealed that Dr Wegman’s report was also peer reviewed, despite what Mann claimed. Dr Mann was not available to come today but another invitation has been extended for Dr Mann to appear "next week"