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Von Storch WSJ Editorial

Online here. One of the remarkable aspects of Climategate is that the only climate scientists presently speaking out against the Team are people who had previously been at least somewhat visible. Curry, Von Storch, Zorita, the Pielkes. All had taken their own line vis-a-vis the Team prior to Climategate and have spoken out since Climategate. […]

von Storch and Zorita blog on the Hockey Stick

At a Nature climate change blog, von Storch and Zorita write: In October 2004 we were lucky to publish in Science our critique of the hockey-stick’ reconstruction of the temperature of the last 1000 years. Now, two and half years later, it may be worth reviewing what has happened since then. The publication in 2004 […]

von Storch et al 2004 in IPCC AR4

It’s interesting to see what’s been changed between the Second Draft and AR4 as it went out the door, and compare that to comments. von Storch et al 2004 argued that the low-frequency variance of reconstructions wsa under-estimated, a point with which I agree (although it’s a different point about whether these reconstructions are biased […]

Von Storch et al [2006]

I’m working on a long note, but probably a short interim note will make some sense. From the point of view of simply advancing our particular take on the MBH98 mess, as between Wahl et al and von Storch et al, there are pros and cons to us for either side being right. So I’d […]

Von Storch at NAS

Back from Washington and quite tired. Lots to report, but don’t have much time today. Anybody hoping that we would be sent home with our tails between our legs will be disappointed. I don’t think that I’ll say much about the panel, at least for now, but I will talk about some of the presentations. […]

Variability: von Storch et al [2004]

Von Storch et al. [2004] argued that the reduced variability of MBH and Jones et al [1998] was possibly due to the use of inverse regression. This hypothesis has received a fair of attention as a rival candidate for the microscopic honor of breaking the hockey stick. I obviously think that our analysis in terms […]

von Storch Weighs In on Pielke's Challenge

Spence has drawn attention to Hans von Storch’s comment at Roger Peilke’s, giving his take on the hockey stick debate here: The debate about the hockeystick is techically not really relevant. We have achived our main goal, namely that the premature claims that the issue of millennial temperature reconstructions was mostly solved have been broadly […]

Some more on von Storch and Zorita

A number of people are citing the von Storch and Zorita paper as somehow showing that the erroneous MBH98 method did not "matter". I stated previously that the VZ paper indicated that they had inaccurately replicated the hockey stick algorithm – which made their results irrelevant. I have since had some correspondence with von Storch, […]

More on von Storch !!

It looks like there is a huge cock-up in the von Storch and Zorita Comment, which completely screws up their simulations. We alluded to a defect in their methodology in our Reply, but I didn’t realize just how big a defect it was.

Reply to von Storch and Zorita

As I’ve mentioned before, the Von Storch and Zorita Comment was accepted by GRL and will appear soon. Von Storch has been very courteous to us both in public and private and it has been a pleasant exercise replying to their Comment (as opposed to wading through the bile of Ammann and Wahl.) They are […]