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There is an enormous online archive of SST measurements, which would be well worth someone looking at, to get a feel for what the raw data looks like.

East Anglia Refusal Letter

Last week, I reported on my progress (or rather lack of progress) in identifying the stations used in Jones et al 1990 on urban heat islands. Here’s the next episode.

FOI Request to Phil Jones

Some feedback on my request for the sites used in Jones et al 1990 (no data):

Juckes, Yang, Thompson and PNAS: Guliya

As you can see from the plot of the Juckes’ proxies, the Yang composite is a very important contributor to the 20th century blade. The Yang Composite is a mainstay of recent Hockey Team reconstructions – its use in Team reconstructions began in Mann and Jones 2003 and was then “randomly selected” into Osborn and […]

Reply from Cicerone of NAS

On Aug 12, I wrote to Ralph Cicerone, President of NAS, asking him to request unarchived data from various authors relied upon by the NAS Panel as follows: I enjoyed the opportunity to chat with you during the most recent hearings of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. As I have previously written to you, […]

Data Request to NAS

I’ve set up a new category at right entitled "Archiving" which cross-classifies many of the posts on data archiving and requests. A review from this time last year is here . Since then, I’ve had correspondence with Moberg and Nature, which has resulted in winkling out the other Moberg series (which I’ve yet to process); […]

Data Archiving – Bird Flu

David Stockwell has an interesting post on the lack of public archiving of bird flu sequences, drawing on a longer post by Declan Butler. So apparently, noone is opposed to depositing the sequences in Genbank immediately, but noone is taking the decision to do so. In the Nature editorial, Dreams of flu data we argued: […]

In the Mail

I’ve reported before that Science decided not to require Osborn and Briffa 2006 to provide supporting measurement data for their Taimyr, Tornetrask and “Polar Urals” (Yamal) chronologies. While I disagree with that decision and may pursue the matter further with them, I asked Osborn to voluntarily provide the measurement data. I received a reply from […]

Graumlich Archives Two Foxtail Series

The two “lost” Graumlich foxtail series used in Esper et al 2002 were archived today at WDCP. Only the specific series that I had requested were archived; other series in Bunn et al 2005 were not archived – see prior discussion here. UPDATE May 17: Graumlich also archived two chronologies (Boreal -ca636.crn; Upper Wright – […]

Science – Email #39

One more attempt to extract data. This the 39th email in my correspondence with Science and I still don’t have a complete record on either Esper et al 2002 or Osborn and Briffa 2006. And people wonder why I haven’t published more. Continues from here Dear Dr Hanson, Thank you for your continued efforts in […]