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The Mysterious Taylor Dome Borehole

Last year, one of the first things that puzzled me about the NAS panel report was the basis for their conclusion that there was no MWP in Antarctica. At the press conference, at about minute 60, North said: there is evidence of warmth in the record in the MWP. But as Bradley and Diaz a […]

More Phil Jones Correspondence

CA reader Geoff Sherrington, an Australian scientist, sends the following email exchange with Phil Jones in early 2006 (original post here). Geoff observes: there is a reluctance to answer direct questions with direct answers and a lot of red herrings thrown in. Readers can deduce what they like from the exchange, where Phil says he […]

The Swindle Complaint and Myles Allen

Bob Ward, who you may remember as the author of various complaints from the U.K. Royal Society, is now employed at Risk Management Solutions Ltd. In his business capacity as Director, Global Science Networks, Risk Management Solutions Ltd., he has filed a complaint about Swindle under a section of the broadcasting code which states: “Views […]

NAS: Assuring the Integrity of Research Data

per inquired recently about obtaining a copy of Gerry North’s presentation to the newly minted NAS Panel on Assuring the Integrity of Research Data, which held its first hearings last week. Gerry North was appropriately the first speaker, as the new panel was occasioned by problems left unanswered by the North panel, although its terms […]

Measuring Precipitation on Willis' Boots

Willis writes in with latest FOI refusal from CRU, saying that they are unable to provide a list of the sites used in HadCRU3.

A Try for Thompson Data at PNAS

The recent success in getting at least some data from Phil Jones – which he had obstructed since my original request in 2003 – has caused me to refresh my attempts to get Lonnie Thompson to archive his data so that the scandalous inconsistencies between different versions can finally be appraised. Last year, he published […]

Climate Dynamics Passes the Buck

Willis Eschenbach asked the editor of Climate Dynamics to require the authors of Wilson et al 2007 to archive their data. The editor wrote back that, since the authors had provided the latitude and longitude of the samples, this was sufficient information to permit another laboratory to replicate their results and that it was not […]

NSF relies on "Social" Networks

I’ve described in the past how the U.S. government has adequate policies for data archiving on paper, but that NSF had been totally co-opted by non-compliant scientists and their administration of data archiving could be described only as ineffective or non-existent. Doug Keenan wrote in on some calls to NSF: NSF grant conditions are specified […]

Freedom of Information – Jones et al 1990

I’ve reported here on my progress with UEA in obtaining identification of the sites used in Jones et al 1990, a study of the urban heat island effect. [Update – the Jones et al data was posted up here. ] I initially inquired a couple of years ago as I mentioned here. I sent an […]

IPCC and Data Access

One of the most important IPCC representations is the supposedly tremendous quality control of its review process. I’ve mentioned in passing on a number of occasions that, when I sought to obtain supporting data for then unpublished articles, IPCC threatened to expel me as a reviewer. I’ve had a few requests to recount my experience […]