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North and NAS on Bristlecones

BTW, I thought that the Chronicle colloquy was pretty interesting. I don’t usually get to ask people questions directly, so I appreciated that the Chronicle allowed questions through without Gavin Schmidt/realclimate censoring. Now that I think of it, the only other question that I’ve been able to ask a climate scientist directly was to Caspar […]

Pat Frank on North's Seminar

Here is Pat Frank’s post on North’s seminar. You should also look at North’s answers in the Chronicle Q&A session yesterday. North has a slide in his presentation entitled “Enter the Amateurs”. If one associates professionalism with care and due diligence, one wonders whether he has placed this particular cue at the right location in […]

Nature Again

We took another try at Nature corrspondence. In their news report on the Mann graph discussed here , they stated: In its report, released on 22 June, the NAS committee more-or-less endorses the work behind the graph. They published a whining letter about the NAS panel and news conference by Mann et al, where they […]

Gerry North Presentation on NAS Report

North has a Texas A&M Seminar presentation here (deleted available here) . North is a nice and decent guy but this is a frustrating presentation in a lot of ways. At minute 55 or so, he describes panel operating procedure by saying that they “didn’t do any research”, that they just “took a look at […]

More Tangled Webs

Here’s something amusing. Mann has written to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, arguing that we made a fundamental and obvious mistake in how we calculated AR1 coefficients for the North American tree ring network, which exaggerated the HS-ness of the simulated hockey sticks – a mistake that Ritson has now supposedly picked up and […]

Take a Ritalin, Dave

The Team have snarled back at Wegman here . They’ve posted up an August 16, 2006 letter from David Ritson to Waxman, accusing Wegman of not responding with a request for information that had been outstanding for almost 3 weeks (?!?) . Yes, you read it right. Jeez, I’ve been waiting almost three years for […]

National Post Today

We have an op ed in the National Post today about the Wegman Report. In addition, Terence Corcoran has a long article about a recent hatchet job published by the Globe and Mail about Tim Ball from a writer named Charles Montgomery. I had to laugh out loud at the following comments by Corcoran about […]

Rejected Nature Correspondence

Last week, Mann et al published a letter in the Nature Correspondence section saying that it was "hard to imagine how much more explicit" they could have been about the uncertainties and blaming "poor communication by others" for the "subsequent confusion", disucssed here. The Mann et al letter is absurd and Ross and I decided […]

It's Hard to Imagine…

As you all recall, the NAS panel let MBH off rather lightly in respect to disclosure and the House Energy and Commerce Committee couldn’t be bothered. So all in all, MBH dodged a bullet and you’d think that they’d have been wise enough to leave well enough alone. But no. In today’s Nature, Mann, Bradley […]

Thoughts on Alpine Glacier Stratigraphy

Hormes et al 2001 is noted up in passing by the NAS panel, but is given short shrift relative to Thompson. It is not mentioned at all in the IPCC 4AR second draft. This article is one of the underpinnings for the view that there have been 8 warm intervals in the Alps during the […]