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Blogs on Barton Letters

The Barton letters have occasioned an active debate in blogworld. Here are some links to some of the more active discussions. I’ll add others as they come to my attention as well as some blog comments without chats. Some of the links have a list of outbound topical links as well.

“Full, True and Plain Disclosure” and Falsification

"Full, true and plain disclosure" is a fundamental obligation in the offering of public securities. As someone with experience in this field, I’ve been reflecting for some time about the following questions: Is there a duty of “full, true and plain disclosure” or its equivalent in science? If so, how is it expressed in journal […]

Consensus – Two Examples

For people with stock market experience, "consensus" is not something that usually is a strong buy signal. Here are some interesting examples – two from Enron showing how fragile a "consensus" can be, one from a geologist surveyed in one of the surveys supposedly showing a consensus among scientists.

A Summary of MBH98 Replication Issues

Mann and realclimate have argued that MBH98 was replicable on the original record. Mann cites Wahl and Ammann as support for this, but Wahl and Ammann are close associates of Mann’s (Ammann is a realclimate contributor), working recently from a much different record, hardly "independent" and their code only addresses one area of MBH98 calculations. […]

Wigley and Kelly 1990

As noted before, IPCC 1995 (SAR) arrived at the following important new conclusion based only on Wigley and Kelly 1990, as stated in the Chapter 3 Executive Summary: Based on the incomplete observations and paleoclimatic evidence available, it seems unlikely that global mean temperatures have increased by 1 deg C or more in a century […]

IPCC 1995 [SAR] – An Extended Excerpt

Continuing my industrious typing from old IPCC reports, here is an extended excerpt from IPCC 1995 (SAR) dealing with climate change and variability. If you recall from IPCC 1990, it left an important oustanding question as to the impossibility of attributing the portion of present warming that it is due to human influences, when the […]


This site will have about 72,000 hits in June, up slightly from May. Yesterday, there were most hits (just under 3,000) for a Sunday since the start-up of the site in February. The same may have been true for Saturday as well. There has been a curious change in browsers. In April, there were more […]

IPCC 1992 – Supplement

In 1992, the IPCC issued a Supplementary Report to the 1990 Assessment Report, which visited some of the multiproxy topics in chapter C. Again, I’ll provide some extended excerpts:

House of Representatives Committee

Several people have drawn attention to letters from the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee to Mann, Bradley, Hughes, the director of the U.S. National Science Foundation and the chairman of the IPCC, which were posted up at the Committee website on Friday here. The letters refer to the Wall Street Journal [this […]

IPCC 1990 – An Extended Excerpt

I started off working on a commentary to the WSJ editorial. In doing so, I looked back at IPCC 1990, which is not necessarily handy for most readers, and found myself starting to quote from it so extensively that I’ve simply typed up an extended excerpt, which I’ll use as a source. I’ll make a […]