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Password Protected Sites: SOAP and Trolls

In some of our discussions of data archiving, the principal rationalization of a researcher’s not archiving data at recognized permanent archives (such as WDCP) has been the argument that they should be able to maintain confidentiality for a period of exclusive use. I’ve noticed that some researchers have established password-protected private archives, to which some […]

Briffa Archives Tree Ring Data!

Let no one say that I don’t give credit where credit is due. Keith Briffa, yes Keith Briffa, has archived 13 tree ring site chronologies at WDCP: it’s only 17 years since publication and 22-24 years since collection, but who’s counting?

Spam Karma stats now shown

“Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate…” If you look at the footer of any page, you’ll see the current statistics on how many spam comments have been dealt with by Spam Karma 2 since I installed it on the 9th of July. As you can see, managing even a moderately successful weblog like this one would […]

Puruogangri (2000)

I was collating information on Thompson’s archiving of ice core information and noticed something interesting on the Puruogangri glacier in the Himalayas drilled in 2000 and still unarchived. (Thompson is one of the 20 wise men who recently weighed in with the Barton Committee on behalf of MBH.) In addition to not being archived, I […]

Bradley's Data Archiving

Here is a discussion of two of Bradley’s answers to questions from the House Committee letter pertaining to federal grants and archiving.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Swiss) Coverage

An interesting take on the controversy from the leading Swiss newspaper.

More on NSF Data Archiving Policies

Some time ago, I posted up some information on data archiving policy of the U.S.Global Change Research Program (USGRCP) and its guidelines to various agencies. I’ve identified 4 other policy statements from other institutions, including the National Science Foundation, which pertain to present matters.

2002 Hearing by the House Committee of Energy and Commerce

In 2002, the House Energy and Commerce Committee held hearings on the topic: The U.S. National Climate Change Assessment: Do the Climate Models Project a Useful Picture of Regional Climate? Statements are online here. Witnesses include Thomas Karl, Roger Pielke Sr. (who refers to these hearings at his new blog. )

Is Hughes in compliance with data archiving requirements?

Hughes’ letter to Barton says that NSF issued him an opinion that he was in compliance with all NSF and US government obligations regarding access to data. Why would NSF go out of its way to issue such an opinion letter? I wonder what due diligence that NSF did before issuing the opinion letter. Here […]

Crowley and North [1991]

A little relief from Mann source code (but don’t worry, I’m not finished with it.) In my post on IPCC 1990 arising out of the controversy about the WSJ editorial, I referred to the following quote from the Executive Summary to chapter 7 (p. 200), which stated (having the Younger Dryas in mind): We conclude […]