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Pielke Jr on Spinning Science

Roger Pielke Jr has an interesting post an objectionable press release – recall the controversy over the press release last year. Some time, I’ll discuss rules on press releases that apply to stock promoters – there are things that mining promoters are not allowed to say in press releases. As someone with experience with […]

Phil Jones and the Kazakh Copper Smelter (47N 67E)

Before I get to Phil Jones and the Kazakh copper smelter, I wish to report that, somewhat to my own amazement, I’ve been able to get a surprisingly close approximation of a few HadCRUT3 gridcells from third-party data. Here is a comparison of the annualized HadCRUT3 gridcell 47N;67E as compared to GHCN v2 for Karsakpay […]

Unthreaded #5

Continuation of Unthreaded #4

Phil Jones and the Great Leap Forward

The other key network in the seminal Jones et al 1990 on urbanization (relied upon in AR4) is their Chinese network. The idea that China between 1954 and 1983 – the age of Chairman Mao and the Great Leap Forward – could have achieved consistency in temperature measurement that eluded the U.S. observing system (with […]

Phil Jones and the Dutiful Comrades

Beneath the seemingly placid world of U.S. weather co-operatives, recent analysts have found a turbulent world of changing observation times, with regime change after regime change. Hansen and Karl have been forced – unwillingly, I’m sure – to adjust past temperatures downwards. In contrast to the seemingly almost Iraqian chaos of the U.S. weather observation […]

Hansen Then and Now

We’ve observed the changes in GISS over the past 7 years. Jean S draws our attention to the changes in GISS temperature history since Hansen et al 1981. I’ve tried to re-plotted the current Hansen data – right frame – in the same format as Hansen et al 1981 Figure 3. This is not as […]

"Heed the Goracle"

Gore swept into Toronto yesterday using an environmentally controversial airline on Toronto Island – a service that is opposed by friends of Toronto’s waterfront (including myself.) The departing headlines read: Heed the Goracle.

Wegman's replies to Stupak

I know this is well after the event, but Dr Wegman’s extensive and detailed responses to Rep Stupak‘s written questions are interesting reading. I’m not aware that Steve linked to this document before. Beware though: the file is 10MB in size, so I’d recommend a right click followed by “Save Target as” – otherwise your […]

Another Oceanic MWP Proxy

I’ve been going through the literature and data on ocean sediments looking for proxies with high resolution in the Holocene – something that I discussed a few months ago. Kim et al 2004 and Lorenz et al 2006, two articles by the same group, discuss Holocene SST changes based on alkenones. Most of their proxies […]

Jones and the Russian UHI

A couple of years ago, before I got involved in proxy studies, I was interested in the UHI question and wrote to Phil Jones to request the data used in Jones et al 1990, his study purporting to show the unimportance of urban warming. Jones said that it was on a diskette somewhere and too […]